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Why nature needs to be protected

Nature provides us with resources without which our survival is not possible
There has been an alarming loss of biodiversity which directly impacts us.
Its for you and your future generations

A little about us

We are a globally credible NGO working on the ground in more than 100 countries
Working for 50 years in India to ensure that people and nature can thrive together

Work Areas

Protecting endangered species and critical areas/landscapes
To make our rivers & wetlands healthy, rich and free flowing
To help grow food sustainability with lesser environmental footprint
Promote low carbon growth & reduce the impacts of climate change
To help businesses be more nature friendly
Empowering local communities to be nature protectors
Work closely on policy, research & innovation with governments & partners
Action against poaching with an aim to eradicate illegal wildlife crime
Inspiring younger generation through environmental education
Satellite mapping of natural resources
Protecting India's coast and marine life
Legal center of excellence for protecting nature

Annual Report

WWF Annual Report 2017
Click here to have a look at our Annual Report 2018


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