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When you donate to WWF-India you are eligible for 50% tax relief under Section 80G of the Income tax act, 1961.

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Support projects across India

Your contribution will help various projects across India powered by WWF-India's 60 state & field offices in 11 priority landscapes.


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You will be supporting a credible organization that has been working with governments, organizations, local communities & individuals since 1969 towards building a better future.

Donors Speak

I was not aware of the effects that a declining tiger population can have on our lives, but WWF-India made me aware of them. Now, not only do I donate on a regular basis towards conserving and protecting the tiger but I also encourage my friends to do so!

Amit Sharma, 42
Amit Sharma | Donors Speak
Sumit Sen Gupta | Donors Speak

It's been almost five years since I have been donating towards WWF India’s efforts to reduce poaching of endangered animals. Nothing feels better than knowing that I’m doing my bit towards wildlife conservation.

Sumit Sen Gupta, 58

I always loved wild animals but was apprehensive about donating. WWF changed it all with its transparent approach and clear details of how my donation would be used. Now, I donate regularly and look forward to my updates from WWF.

Mr and Mrs. Atul Jain, 42
Mr. and Mrs. Atul Jain | Donors Speak

WWF Successes

Solar Energy to Protect People and Tigers Solar Energy to Protect People and Tigers

Through Project Sahastra Jyoti, 69 households and 25 shops in Annpur Hamlet in the Sundarbans now have access to solar electricity! This prevents villagers from entering forest areas in search of fuelwood, and tigers from entering the well-lit village – protecting both tigers and villagers! We have been working extensively with local communities in the Sundarbans to provide them with cost effective renewable energy solutions - while reducing the pressure on surrounding forests. This smart project has also helped improve living conditions here – children can now study till after sunset, food is prepared without toxic fumes being emitted, shops are open till late, and people no longer fear sudden tiger attacks.

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