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All donations to WWF India are tax exempted under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1956


You can have an extraordinary, positive impact on our natural world. When you help WWF protect species, you contribute to a thriving, healthy planet. However you choose to support WWF, we are deeply grateful.


Over the last 50 years, we at WWF India are on a mission to protect critical species of national and global importance in collaboration with the Government, local communities, state forest departments, and various conservation partners. Our concerted efforts have resulted in a significant increase in the protection of many priority species and their critical habitats.

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Tiger conservation- a global success story

WWF India began tiger conservation in the early 1970s by providing support to Project Tiger - the first-ever tiger conservation programme of the Govt. of India. In 1990s, WWF India initiated a focused Tiger Conservation Programme & currently works in six tiger landscapes: Terai Arc, Sundarbans, Central India, Brahmaputra, Western Ghats - Nilgiris and Western India Tiger Landscapes.

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Saving our rivers & wetlands

Freshwater environments include rivers, lakes, wetlands, streams and underground aquifers. Freshwater is crucial for sustenance of life on the planet. WWF India’s River for Life, Life for River programme is aimed at ensuring ecological integrity of rivers and their associated ecosystems, and sustainable water management.

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Mitigating Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest environmental crisis of our time. Many species will face extinction due to global warming. WWF India is working to generate awareness about clean and efficient energy solutions, climate innovations and mobilizing communities to come together and take collective action reversing climate change.

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Conserving marine ecosystems

India’s has rich dazzling marine biodiversity. Marine life is threatened by plastic pollution, industrial waste, unsustainable fishing, unregulated tourism and unplanned coastal development. WWF India is working to protect and conserve critical marine habitats by addressing the issues of ghost fishing, agricultural run-off, marine debris and plastic pollution.

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