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Trees are one of the longest living organisms on our planet. Living through centuries, trees are the root of life on our planet. Trees provide medicines, help hold water and soil, sequester carbon, fight pollution, and are home to a variety of organisms.

COVID-19 has made it amply clear that we need to protect & conserve nature to prevent such global disruptions in the future. Planting a tree is one of the things that everyone can do as a contribution for a better future.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the dire need to protect & conserve our nature. We face a global pandemic, characterized by a respiratory disease, that is only worsened by the polluted air that surrounds us. But there is a simple solution, a small action with many benefits- planting a tree!
The task is simple but options are many! There is the fever-allaying Ashoka tree and the gorgeous Gulmohar tree. The sweet fruit plants of Mango, Guava and Chikoo are always a treat or perhaps the medicinal-master Neem is more of your choice, we urge you to plant these natives and more and don't you worry if you can’t, we’ll plant them for you!
Planting trees and giving back to nature is a noble task and we want to help you do it. You can simply contribute to plant a tree and we will fulfill your wish this monsoon season of September 2020! Should you donate after that, don't worry- we will carry this forward to the next year and plant a tree for your pledge. WWF India has been the plant genie- planting trees at your command, since 2005!
What better way to celebrate your loved ones than by giving them the gift of nature. Since the inception of Adopt A Tree campaign, thousands of trees have been planted by WWF Pandas which are being cared for by nature-lovers much like yourself! Donate to have this green celebration for the health of your beloved people and planet.
Starting this monsoon, they'll be planted in selected sites with the help of our on-ground partners. These sites will be finalised based on the final number of trees you support us with. Those that miss the current season, will be planted in the next cycle.


Thank you for your commitment to support nature by planting a tree. Your contribution will make a lasting difference today and in the times to come.

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