Starting this Global Tiger Day, let us join hands together to protect the iconic tiger - symbol of our national pride.

The tiger is a unique animal that plays a pivotal role in the health & diversity of an ecosystem. Tigers help balance our forest ecosystems that provide us with clean air, freshwater and multitude of natural services on which we depend.

There are only 3900 wild tigers on our planet today and we have a big responsibilty since India is home to around 70% of total global wild tigers. Lets join hands to protect our planet's most iconic big cat!

Why do we need to save tigers?

Tigers are an "umbrella species" - meaning their conservation also protects many other species in the ecosystems they live in, resulting in a rich biodiverse ecosystem.

As top predators of the food chain, tigers keep the populations of their prey species under control, which in turn helps maintains the balance between herbivores and the vegetation upon which they feed.

Balanced ecosystems are not only important for wildlife, but for people too - locally, nationally and globally. By protecting tigers, we are protecting forests - something which ultimately benefits us all.

If the tigers go extinct, the entire ecosystem would collapse!

What are the threats to tigers in the wild?

Tigers used to roam across most of Asia, but now they’re restricted to just 7% of their original range, isolated in forests and grasslands across 13 countries.

Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade along with habitat loss and increasing human-tiger conflict poses a grave threat to the survival of our tigers.

Every part of the tiger from whiskers to tail - is traded in illegal wildlife markets.

What can you do to protect wild tigers?

The power to protect and conserve our natural world, including our tigers is within us. We all must act together and bring small changes that can make a big difference. Here is what you can do:

Spread the word - Most people do not know the importance of tigers and how their presence indicate the health of the ecosystem they live in. Talk about it and share your knowledge

Be responsible with your choices - Choose products that are responsibly sourced so that our forests, home of the beautiful big cat, stay healthy and pristine

Say NO to tiger products - Tigers are poached for their beautiful fur; they are also killed for their bones & meat. Say NO and report such incidents to help stop this heinous illegal trade

> Support on ground conservation efforts - Contribute to WWF India to strengthen our conservation work for tigers

Pledge for tigers – our national pride

Thank you for your commitment to stand for tigers. A few minutes today is all it will take to make a lasting difference tomorrow.

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I, ____ ____ pledge to choose forest-friendly products when available and commit to preserving nature’s beauty for future generations as my support to protect and conserve our national pride - the Royal Bengal tiger.
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