Beginning this Environment Day, let's vow to come together to protect the very essence of life on our planet - the millions of species that make up our biodiversity. We need to step up to build a safer, resilient and sustainable world.

You can be the start of the movement- a movement to restore the balance and bring harmony between nature and people.

Why do we need people and nature to co-exist?

Life as we know it is built in the crucible of nature. Nature, like an endless treasure, provides us with valuable resources without which we simply cannot survive. It's accelerating loss threatens life on earth and it becomes our responsibility as an inhabitant of this planet, to find new and better ways to coexist with nature.

How does biodiversity loss affect me?

Let's first understand what biodiversity or biological diversity is - it refers to the millions of species that live on our planet in an interdependent ecosystem, commonly referred to as the 'web of life'. Loss of biodiversity disturbs the balance in nature and negatively impacts ecosystems that we depend on for food, water, and other life sustaining resources. Simply put, without biodiversity, life on our planet is impossible to imagine!

How severe is the loss of biodiversity and nature?

Forest fires and polluted water bodies are the concerning reality of today and the havoc they are wreaking on our biodiversity is unimaginable. In the last 44 years alone, we have lost 60% of our wildlife populations. In the same timeframe, the world has witnessed an increased frequency of zoonotic diseases, even accelerating to pandemic situations. Such loss of nature is unprecedented and hence, there is a critical need to reverse this loss if we wish to live on a sustainable planet.

What can you do?

Change begins with realization. We need to realise the immense value of nature and re-think our approach towards its protection. We must GIVEUP at least one habit that is responsible for harming our planet to GIVEBACK to nature.


Thank you for your commitment to help restore the loss of nature. A few minutes today is all it will take to make a lasting difference tomorrow.

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